Austria Guide Martin Salis
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About me

Portraitfoto Martin Salis

I was born in Graz and have lived in my home town for over 35 years. I studied "Retail Management" part-time at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences in 2017 and I'm now doing my second master's degree "Marketing and Sales Management"

I find the diversity of Styria impressive - from the almost 3,000 metre high Dachstein to the "highest" elevation, the Stradner Kogel (~ 609 metres), in south-eastern Styria.

My pink thread running through the country would be the interesting cultural sights (e.g. museums, monasteries and convents), the Styrian delicacies and not to forget: we Styrians.

To express my love for Styria, I started the training to become an Austria Guide (state-certified tourist guide) in 2020 - which I successfully completed in December 2021.

In my free time I am very interested in the cultural sights of Austria - as well as in the Scandinavian countries, especially Iceland and Norway with its language.